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Rev'it Taurus GTX gloves black £189.99
Rev'it Taurus GTX gloves black   - Dynamic FGW68 
The Taurus GTX is our topnotch glove within the GORE-TEX® group. It uses the best insulation material, PrimaLoft® ...

Rev'it Borealis GTX gloves black £169.99
Rev'it Borealis GTX gloves black   - Dynamic FGW67 
This glove gets its warming power from the PrimaLoft® Gold insulation layer which protects the most vulnerable areas: ...

Rev'it Cyber GTX gloves black £159.99
Rev'it Cyber GTX gloves black   - Dynamic FGW66 
PrimaLoft® Gold Eco with Grip control is the thinnest of materials with the highest insulation values. Designed to ...

Rev'it Aquila GTX gloves black £139.99
Rev'it Aquila GTX gloves black   - Dynamic FGW65 
Rev'it top shelf glove within the hydratex® group, these gloves feature PrimaLoft® Gold insulation on the palm, a ...

Rev'it Fusion GTX gloves black £129.99
Rev'it Fusion GTX gloves black   - Dynamic FGW050 
For those hardcore enthusiasts out there who ride all year long, using heated grips to keep their hands ...

Rev'it Kryptonite GTX gloves£119.99
Rev'it Kryptonite GTX gloves - Integration FGW074 
A winter glove designed to keep the hands dry and safe. These are not designed to keep hands ...

Rev'it Trocadero H2O gloves£99.99
Rev'it Trocadero H2O gloves - Integration FGW076 
The Trocadero H2O gloves are the ultimate urban winter gloves, providing protection and warmth with a cozy feel. ...

Rev'it Pegasus H2O gloves£89.99
Rev'it Pegasus H2O gloves - Dynamic FGW062 
Thinsulate® insulation features air pockets that trap and store heat. This glove uses Thinsulate® type G on ...

Rev'it Boxxer H2O gloves£84.99
Rev'it Boxxer H2O gloves - Dynamic FGW061 
The Boxxer H2O is a leather version of the popular Carver H2O glove and has a knitted cuff, ...

Rev'it Galaxy H2O gloves£79.99
Rev'it Galaxy H2O gloves - Dynamic FGW061 
These gloves are designed for warmth and feature a textile upper hand with leather details and a leather ...

Rev'it Hydra H2O gloves£74.99
Rev'it Hydra H2O gloves - Integration FGW072 
The short-cuffed Hydra H2O gloves are perfect for cold and wet urban days thanks to the waterproof hydratex® ...

Rev'it Cygnus H2O gloves£74.99
Rev'it Cygnus H2O gloves - Dynamic FGW059 
With the focus on keeping the hands warm, the textile Cygnus H2O glove comes with a thick and ...

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