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Innovation - Rev'it shoes

The urban footwear by REVíIT! is a fitting complement to the successful urban clothing line. The range consists of fashionable shoes that provide plenty of protection. All the shoes in the lineup have their own features and unique look, but all share the same design vision: REVíIT! urban shoes are an essential asset to the outfit to keep riders safe and in style.

The shoes are designed for the urban motorcyclist and have everything that appeals to this group of motorcyclists. The shoes come in a wide variety of different fashionable styles, with three new styles added for the 2015 season.

The good looks and comfort offered by these shoes allow the rider to wear them even when not on the bike. These shoes are the ideal choice for riders who use their bike for their daily commute and donít want to bring another pair of shoes to work.

It doesnít matter what type of bike youíre riding, one thing is always the same, your feet will be close to the ground. When you lose control of your bike itís a natural instinct to try to correct it with your feet.

These shoes have been fashioned from the finest leather. It is tough and comfortable material that is highly abrasion resistant and durable, yet naturally adaptable to various conditions.

The toe and heel area have been reinforced for safety. These areas incorporate hard plastic parts that have been heated to model the perfect shape. These reinforced areas protect ridersí feet and contribute to better foot position without sacrificing comfort.

The location differs between models, but all the new shoes are equipped with reflective straps to enhance the rider visibility.

Your entire body weight is borne by a few small parts of the foot. To best support these critical areas - the heel, arch and toes - REVíIT! shoes incorporate an anatomically correct foot bed design. The foot bed is as comfortable both when walking as it is when riding. The reinforced areas of the shoes further contribute to proper foot position.

The high quality leather will adjust naturally to the environment. Due to the leatherís natural water resistant properties - helped in some cases by an extra protective coating - your feet will stay dry and comfortable in a wide variety of conditions.

Every boot has its own unique features. Shoes with laces have gusseted tongues to keep out wind, water and dirt. Shoes with zippers have a v-flap behind the zipper for the same purpose.

The leather wonít mar when you shift gears as the shoes are equipped either with a gear shift pad or come with a shifter strap. This strap comes separate and can be easily slipped over the shoes. Some shoes come with an extra pair of laces in a different color for an easy change of style.

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