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Layers are the way to go !

Optimal protection while riding a motorcycle means more than just throwing a jacket over everyday street clothes. Correctly equipped for riding means not only wearing protection against impact, abrasion and weather, it means being comfortable, too. Because when you’re distracted by being uncomfortable on your bike, you lose focus. And when that happens, accidents can follow.

If an outer shell is used for safety and water- and wind proofing, then layers can take care of the rest. Mastering the art of layering allows you to enjoy riding in any condition. A layer can help keep you cooler when worn with a full mesh outer shell or can keep you warm when paired with a GORE-TEX® outer shell.

Learn to endure all that Mother Nature throws at you by investing in the proper layers. The benefit of dressing in layers is that it allows you to easily regulate your temperature by adding or removing layers in response to changing conditions. Layers act in unison—to trap heat, wick moisture, breathe, block wind, and repel water—but individually each layer has its own specific functions.

There are three layers to consider when embarking on your riding adventure.

Base Layer
As the next-to-skin layer, base layers should be moisture wicking, drawing sweat away from the body and allow it to evaporate off the surface of the material, rather than directly from your skin, keeping you dry and cool during exertion. Moisture wicking also helps regulate body temperature. Base layers can also have insulating properties, those that use an open knit construction to trap and hold a layer of warm air between your body and the fabric.
For comfort, base layers should fit close to the body, with no loose areas to bunch up and create uncomfortable or intrusive lumps and folds. Most REV’IT! base layers are created with a seamless 3D round knit technology. The virtual lack of seams makes for an extremely comfortable fit while also prolonging the life of the garment.

Mid Layer
A mid layer, combined with the base layer, should be used in cold weather for additional insulation. Wearing the mid layer without a base layer diminishes the effectiveness of a mid layer, as the combined functions of both create the insulating effect. A mid-layer retains your body heat by creating a pocket of warm air around your body. They should also be breathable and allow moisture and body heat to escape.

Outer Layer
The purpose of the outer layer is to protect you from wind and precipitation. Some outer shells come with laminated membranes while others have a detachable membrane; either way the outer shell is there to protect you and keep you dry. The outer shell can be worn directly over the base layer or the insulating mid layer, depending on the conditions. This ever-important outer layer should be abrasion resistant, of strongly constructed fabric and with CE-approved protectors at critical areas. In winter, your outer layer should be both waterproof and wind tight, while in summer it should be highly breathable to prevent overheating. In the event that the outer shell doesn’t feature a membrane a fourth layer in the form of a rain cover can be added.

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