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Innovation - Variable height adjustment straps

Finding a perfectly fitting jacket is not easy as no two people share the same physical dimensions and everyone has their own personal preferences. The newly developed REV’IT! variable height adjustment straps allow the rider to customize the fit to perfectly match his or her unique body shape.

The adjustment straps are attached to a rail with a moveable glider. The glider can be easily adjusted while wearing gloves, ensuring a personalized fit every time.

The Sand ladies, Monroe ladies, Defender Pro GTX, Dominator GTX and the Vapor jacket are equipped with these new adjustment straps. The rider gets to choose what part of the waist should be accentuated to create an amazing silhouette. The rails holding the glider go from the waist all the way up to the chest. The Vapor jacket and Monroe Ladies jacket also features the new straps on the underarm. The rails go from the wrist up to the elbow also allowing the rider to choose where an adjustment is needed.

Adjustment straps are not only incorporated to create a great fit, they also contribute to safety. Motorcycles jackets should be worn tight to the body to make sure the protection stays in the correct position. In the case of a crash fabric that is rumpled and loose is more likely to tear then fabric that fits tightly around the body. Plus, when the liners are zipped out of the jacket the garment will fit more loosely around the rider’s body—adjustment straps ensure the jacket will stay fitted close and tight.

This brand new innovation from the REV’IT! in-house R&D department allows the riders to personalize their fit and optimize their safety at the same time!

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